Hanna Schuster


Hanna is an Aquatic Ecotoxicologist, having joined Cambridge Environmental Assessments in 2016. She has a scientific background in environmental science with a focus on aquatic ecotoxicology and marine biology. Before starting her role at CEA, Hanna’s work focused on anthropogenic impacts on freshwater as well as marine invertebrates. She worked on the fate and effect of different environmentally relevant chemicals in freshwater laboratory systems and outdoor mesocosms. Later, she moved to marine biological questions and objectives focusing on different anthropogenic stressors to the marine environment. Hanna holds a MRes in Biology and a PhD in Ocean and Earth Sciences from RWTH Aachen University and Southampton University respectively.

Here at CEA, Hanna specialises in novel ecotoxicological approaches to answer regulatory questions. As a GLP Study Director, Hanna develops and runs novel, higher-tier aquatic studies, both in outdoor mesocosms and in the laboratory. Hanna is experienced in performing statistical analysis, including multivariate methods and conducting Minimum Detectable Difference (MDD) analysis with large data sets. She has a keen interest in ecological and ecotoxicological modelling.

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