Risk Assessment

Risk assessment

CEA have industry leading specialists in both the exposure modelling and ecotoxicology areas ensuring maximum refinement of Phase I and Phase II environmental risk assessments.


Terrestrial Exposure

We are leaders in the conduct and refinement of veterinary medicine exposure assessments. We specialise in higher tier refinements, including:

  • Consideration of metabolism and excretion profiles
  • Animal husbandry considerations, including manure handling and degradation
  • Use of FOCUSSW and FOCUSGW scenarios, including assessments of scenario relevance to different Member States and product usages
  • Member State specific refinements e.g. the use of UK higher tier drain flow ERA
  • Temporal and spatial modelling refinements

Uniquely we are able to draw on the wealth of experience held by our animal husbandry and manure management colleagues, who provide on-farm advice to large food producers and policy advice to UK government and its agencies, in order to refine and create realistic exposure scenarios. We go further than most, being able to employ all of this knowledge at a catchment scale in support of policy advice and influencing the regulatory process through the refinement of standard scenarios and the development of software (e.g. VetCalc).


Aquatic Exposure

CEA has extensive experience of using the SEPA bath treatment models, both short and long term, to estimate exposure of veterinary medicines used as bath treatments in marine aquaculture, as well as experience in assessing risk from in-feed medicines and vaccines. Specialist expertise is employed in the refinement of exposure through:

  • Consideration of metabolism and excretion
  • Construction of more realistic scenarios
  • Introduction of additional loss pathways like deposition or dose dependent degradation
  • Use of specialist models like DEPOMOD and development of non-standard scenarios.



In addition to undertaking assessments of existing and new studies for endpoint establishment, our specialists are skilled at refining risk assessments taking into consideration issues such as recovery and recolonization of species or the read across of fresh water studies to marine environments.

We also offer in-house bespoke higher tier aquatic ecotoxicology studies, both indoor laboratory and outdoor mesocosm studies.

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