Data Gap Analysis

Data gap analysis

CEA has experienced specialists in toxicology, environmental fate, aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology, and higher tier exposure modelling. We are skilled at applying this knowledge and experience at both the EU, Member State and country (aquaculture in the U.S and Chile) level in support of our clients’ product registrations.

CEA routinely conduct data gap analyses through literature review and read across from other uses, e.g. plant protection products, in order to inform product development and defence strategies as well as regulatory submissions. Our environmental fate specialists provide expertise in evaluating environmental fate studies, reviewing literature data and proposing refinements for Phase II environmental risk assessments. Data gaps are addressed through the placement and monitoring of studies, including:

  • Compound physical chemical properties
  • Degradation studies e.g. soil, manure, marine water
  • Soil sorption/desorption studies
  • Photolysis/hydrolysis studies
  • Ecotoxicological studies (Tier A and Tier B)
  • The use of kinetic analysis of laboratory and field degradation/dissipation studies to derive regulatory acceptable endpoints is also undertaken

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