Dr Bashir Surfraz

Environmental fate and behaviour

Dr Bashir Surfraz joined CEA in September 2019 as the Chemical Field Fate Group Leader, leading the environmental fate and behaviour team based in the Gleadthorpe office. As a scientist, Bashir has over 15 years’ of multi-disciplinary research experience.

After his PhD, Bashir consolidated his expertise in bioorganic chemistry and analytical chemistry with five years’ postdoctoral experience. He then worked as a Principal Scientist at a not-for-profit organisation in the area of chemical toxicology, with over 10 years’ experience assessing off-target pharmacology data and in vitro and in vivo toxicity data. He directed developmental work on knowledge-based predictive toxicity of chemicals using structural alerts for toxicity endpoints such as reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruption, nephrotoxicity and mutagenicity.

Prior to joining CEA, Bashir worked as a Land Use and Sustainability team manager at a UK research organisation. Bashir is currently a member of SETAC.


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