Introducing the CEA Biocides Regulatory and Risk Assessment Team

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Introducing the CEA Biocides Regulatory and Risk Assessment Team

Who are we?

We are currently a team dedicated to providing regulatory expertise within the Biocidal Products Regulation EU No. 528/2012 (BPR), including higher-tier exposure modelling and risk assessment.

Fabienne has been with CEA for almost 10 years, conducting environmental risk assessments for biocidal active substances and products, including higher-tier refinements, and is also experienced in human exposure modelling. Fabienne is passionate about composing technical solutions for non-standard products, using CEA’s wide range of higher-tier experience across regulatory areas. She regularly presents at conferences including Fresenius and SETAC Europe on insecticide and aquaculture risk assessment issues and also contributes to risk assessments for REACH, Plant Protection Products and fish veterinary medicines.

Philippa joined CEA in 2017 as CEA’s biocides regulatory lead and has been a Regulatory specialist for over 10 years, with her main focus on the BPR. Philippa is a BPR regulatory expert and an efficient project manager, advising on strategy, compiling dossiers and bringing together CEA’s multi-disciplinary team to deliver high quality submissions. She gained her experience in both industry and consultancy, leading projects for a range of companies from SME to multi-nationals, and has been involved in the regulatory process for several of the BPR product-types (PTs). Philippa provides support from general advice to full dossier preparation and submission/follow-up including representation at Member State meetings. Philippa is also experienced in other legislative areas, including Plant Protection Products, REACH, CLP, Cosmetics and Detergents.

We draw upon our extensive internal team of experts covering toxicology, ecotoxicology and environmental fate and behaviour. Please see our other team introductions also available!

What types of services do we offer our clients?

CEA can provide a full dossier preparation and support service under the BPR, throughout the entire regulatory process, including:

  • Advocacy meetings and responding to questions from Member State regulators
  • Design of bespoke product-specific emission scenarios
  • Human risk assessment for a wide range of consumer and professional uses using a range of models, including ConsExpo
  • Expert advice on endocrine disruption issues
  • Risk assessment for non-target organisms including bees and bespoke field monitoring
  • Independent placing and study monitoring of laboratory studies
  • Design of higher tier aquatic studies, indoor residues recovery studies and bespoke fate studies conducted in-house

Some examples of our recent projects:

  • Full dossier applications under product-types (PT) 2 and 3, covering numerous Member States
  • Strategic analysis, i.e. assessment of scope, claims, timelines/requirements and data gap analysis
  • Endocrine disruptor assessment for co-formulants carried out by CEA’s toxicology team
  • Continued support under the UK Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (COPR) 
  • Higher-tier risk assessments for a range of PTs including comprehensive applications for PT18, including rural hygiene, garden scenarios and vector control
  • Modelling of point source releases in marine water
  • FOCUS ground water and surface water modelling for PT18
  • Advocating on behalf of clients at technical meetings and furthering technical discussions through conference platforms etc.
  • FOCUS kinetic analysis to derive modelling and persistence endpoints

Want to know more?

So if you need support or advice regarding your biocides, or just want to know more about our group, why not get in touch to find out how we can help you find the solution?

Please contact Fabienne Ericher (, Philippa O’Donovan ( or Claire McMillan ( 


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