The CEA toxicology team is expanding!

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The CEA toxicology team is expanding!

The CEA toxicology team is expanding! Lincoln has recently been joined by Theresa Neely and Malgorzata (Gosia) Nepelska.

Who are we?

Lincoln has been at CEA since 2014. He started his career in contract research as a Genetic Toxicologist.  Within CEA, Lincoln specialises in project management of REACH testing requirements, conducting human health hazard and risk assessment and regulatory support.  He has expertise in IUCLID and robust study summary preparation, in addition to supporting clients in read-across and study data waivers. He also provides advice and guidance in the conduct and data interpretation of safety studies. Read more about Lincoln.

Theresa joined CEA in April 2019 as Lead Toxicologist and has more than 30 years’ experience as a toxicologist, conducting hazard and risk assessments for a wide range of substances, product types and exposure profiles. Her career started in contract research as a reproductive and developmental toxicology study director/team leader.  She then worked as a toxicologist for a multinational consumer goods company for 27 years. More recently she has worked for a retail pharmaceutical group as a senior toxicologist. Read more about Theresa.

Gosia joined CEA in July 2019 and strengthens the company’s toxicology and risk assessment expertise with a special focus on endocrine disruptors, alternative methods application in risk assessment and mode of action analysis. She has over ten years’ experience of cross sector and international work covering governmental agency, academia and industry. She is an expert in the field of endocrine disruption and an author of scientific papers and policy documents in this area. Read more about Gosia.

How can we help you?

Our unique combination of expertise and significant experience means that our clients have access to a wide toxicological capability.  We work across the areas of plant protection, biocides, industrial and speciality chemicals, foods and food contact materials and cosmetics. We have significant experience in the preparation and submission of regulatory dossiers, subsequent liaison with competent authorities as well as addressing specific toxicological and human health issues. We can work with you throughout the life cycle of your project or help you with specific tasks in the development of your material, product or technology as well as in product defence by applying our technical expertise and know how.

 Some of the areas that we work in are:

  • Design, monitoring, interpretation and integration of regulatory and mechanistic studies

  • Expert regulatory advice and problem resolution

  • Advocacy, product defence and mediation with regulatory authorities

  • Identification of endocrine disruptors

  • Human exposure modelling and assessments

  • Data gap analysis and evaluation of data quality

  • Read-across arguments for study waivers

  • (Q)SAR assessments

  •  Interpretation of data packages

  • Developing higher-tier testing strategies

  • Derivation no-effect levels (DNEL)

  • Preparation of chemical safety reports and robust study summaries

  • Determination and refinement of hazard classifications

  • Expert waivers for hazard declassification

  • Preparation of safety data sheets for REACH, Globally Harmonised System (GHS) and EU member states

  • Alternative methods for hazard characterization

Some examples of our recent projects:

  • Advocacy and product defence for a phthalate under the REACH Community rolling action plan (CoRAP) procedure

  • Advocacy and defence for reduction of hazard classification of an industrial chemical

  • Endocrine disruptor identification according to the ECHA/EFSA  Guidance 

  • Hazard and risk assessment of food enzymes

  • Hazard and risk assessment of plant protection product co-formulants

  • Use of read across arguments to reduce the requirement for mammalian safety testing for fragrance ingredients

  • Preparation of Robust Read across arguments for REACH dossier submissions

  • Evaluation of reproductive and general toxicity for a waste-water heavy metal scavenger  

  • Inhalation toxicity assessment of novel monomers for the aerospace industry  

  • Refinement of no-effect endpoints for mammalian wildlife risk assessments  

Want to know more?

If you have any questions regarding our services or just want to know more about our group, please contact Theresa Neely (, Lincoln Prichard ( or Malgorzata Nepelska (

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