CEA provide tailored solutions for all of your human safety assessment needs. Our team’s expertise and significant experience can also provide you with fully integrated ecotoxicology and toxicology risk assessments if required. We offer support for hazard, exposure and risk assessment for general chemicals, agrochemicals, biocides, veterinary and human medicines, food and food additives and cosmetics and our capabilities include:

  • Data collation, evaluation and interpretation
  • Endocrine Disruptor assessments
  • Data gap analysis
  • Derivation of Acceptable Exposure levels/Reference Doses
  • Use of alternative approaches eg in silico and in vitro assessment
  • (Q)SAR assessments
  • Developing strategies and approaches to minimise/avoid testing including exposure based waiving and read-across
  • Advice on complex study designs and programmes
  • Management of timely and value-conscious testing programmes
  • Preparation of Robust Summaries in IUCLID
  • Preparation of Chemical Safety Reports (CSRs)
  • Preparation of Cosmetic Product Safety Reports


CEA provides a full range of Ecotox services to its clients. The services include:

  • Identification of studies needed for regulatory compliance
  • Literature reviews and data searches on specific substances
  • Placing of studies at selected CROs and monitoring of studies to ensure they are compliant
  • Preparation of study summaries, Klimisch evaluations and entry of data into IUCLID 
  • Preparation of study protocols for non-standard ecotox studies and obtaining regulators approval for the non-standard study
  • Calculation of PNEC’s from the study endpoints and assignment of assessment factors
  • Preparation of read-across justifications for REACH registration dossiers
  • Assessment of endocrine disruptor properties


Risk assessment

CEA are highly skilled in evaluating the risk of general chemicals to the environment and human health, under REACH. CEA provides expertise reviewing product uses, building exposure scenarios and assessing risks using regulatory accepted models (e.g. ECETOC TRA, CHESAR, ConsExpo). Our experts specialise in higher-tier risk assessments and work closely across ecotoxicology, toxicology and environmental fate to develop realistic exposure assessments.


Please contact us to discuss your chemical regulatory needs.

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