Safety data sheets

Safety data sheets

CEA provides its clients with a range of services to ensure they are compliant with the regulations on safety data sheets. The services include:

  • Preparation of SDSs to CLP/GHS regulation including the latest adaptations to technical progress (ATPs) and 453/2010 EC
  • SDS’s are prepared in English and all official EU member state languages, depending on the client’s requirements
  • Where clients require their logo and other company specific information, these are included as long as they meet the regulations
  • Preparation of extended SDSs (ext-SDS) from Chemical Safety Reports (CSRs)
  • Ext-SDSs can also be prepared from IUCLID substance files using the Chesar tool
  • Checking of the exposure scenarios (ESs) in the CSRs to ensure the information is correct



CEA provides support to its clients to ensure they are compliant with the CLP/GHS regulations; 1272/2008 EC. The support provided includes:

  • Consultancy advice on the how to meet requirements of the CLP/GHS
  • Support in the design of product labels to CLP/GHS requirements including member state languages
  • Advice to importers and EU manufacturers of how to comply with CLP notification requirements
  • Carrying out of notifications on behalf of our clients
  • Carrying out data searches for generation of CLP classification
  • Evaluation of study endpoints in order to classify substances according to CLP/GHS requirements

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