Industrial and speciality chemicals

Regulatory support

CEA guides clients through the chemical regulatory process, providing support in identifying and interpreting regulations applicable to their specific industrial area

CEA works with clients to identify the impact of the regulations and business needs, so that we help achieve regulatory compliance at the lowest cost and maximise the benefits. The main focus of CEA has been on REACH and CLP, but our consultants have experience in other areas including the Seveso Directive, Biocides and Cosmetics.

For each regulatory area we can provide a close support service or ad hoc advice depending upon needs. We also provide training, enabling clients to undertake their own regulatory work or to manage the regulatory process more effectively.



CEA have considerable experience with REACH, gained from working in industry and for the regulatory authorities. Our consultants also have technical expertise in ecotoxicology and toxicology, human and environmental exposure and risk assessment, and can call on long experience of working in other regulatory regimes.

A particular strength is in providing expert technical advice where standard approaches may not apply, whether in substance identity, (eco)toxicology or risk assessment. We can provide expert support in responding to dossier evaluations by ECHA, substance evaluations by member states or the challenges of substance control.

Our consultants can also provide the full package of registration services. We also produce safety data sheets, ensuring that they are consistent with the hazard and exposure information in the registration dossier.


Advocacy and product defence

Our chemicals regulation team has experienced specialists in regulatory affairs, toxicology, ecotoxicology and environmental fate. We are also experienced in higher tier modelling of chemical exposure. We are skilled at applying our knowledge and experience across a range of regulations at the EU and Member State level.

Compliance with chemical regulations is often complicated by disagreement over hazard and risk assessment and, in some cases, proposals for control. Arguments about hazard and risk may lead to requests for additional test data, for example further toxicology or ecotoxicology studies or modelling. Proposals for control may follow from concerns about risk but also from the availability of alternative substances and with regard to socio-economic considerations.

CEA consultants are able to understand and resolve difficult and potentially complex regulatory issues arising with your substances, products and their approvals. For example, we will speedily review the scientific data to enable you to define and understand the problems and the options available to you, leading to an effective, scientifically based defence strategy. We will represent your company before the European regulatory authorities to defend your products, for example under REACH registration and the CoRAP review procedures. We will provide you with expert follow-up advice and resolution strategies, including the provision of expert overviews, recommendations for further scientific study and the careful placing, monitoring, control and review of standard, higher tier or mechanistic studies as appropriate.

Please contact us to discuss your chemical regulatory needs.


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