Full dossier support

Full dossier support

 Strategy, Data Gap Analysis and Preliminary Risk Assessment                      

  • Overview of regulatory requirements and processes
  • Review of existing data and identifying data gaps
  • Preliminary risk assessments for human health and the environment for each relevant substance

 Data Sharing and Data Generation                                                                                  

  • Literature search and review
  • Letter of access and data sharing negotiation
  • Study placement, design and monitoring
  • Data review and evaluation

 Dossier Preparation (IUCLID 6, SPC Editor)                                                         

  • Human health and environmental risk assessments
  • Representation at meetings with regulators
  • Robust study summaries 
  • Summary of the product characteristics (SPC)

 Dossier Submission (R4BP 3) and Follow-up                                                            


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