Ecotoxicology and risk assessment


In addition to undertaking assessments of existing and new studies to determine endpoints, our specialists are skilled at refining risk assessments taking into consideration issues such as recovery and recolonization of species or the read across of fresh water studies to marine environments. We also provide support for terrestrial ecotoxicological effects including risks to birds, mammals, non-target arthropods and bees.

Our services include:

  • Identification of studies needed for regulatory compliance.
  • Assessment of endocrine disrupting properties.
  • Literature reviews and data searches on specific substances.
  • Placing of studies at selected CROs and monitoring of studies to ensure they are compliant.
  • Preparation of study summaries, Klimisch evaluations and entry of data into IUCLID.
  • Preparation of study protocols for non-standard ecotox studies and obtaining regulators’ approval for the non-standard study.
  • Calculation of PNECs from the study endpoints and assignment of assessment factors.
  • In-house bespoke higher tier aquatic ecotoxicology studies, both indoor laboratory and outdoor mesocosm studies.

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