Sarah Bull

Sarah Bull


Sarah joined CEA in 2020 as Principal Toxicologist. Sarah has a PhD in in vitro toxicology, is a Eurotox Registered Toxicologist, and has over 20 years' experience in in vitro, mammalian and regulatory toxicology and human health risk assessment.


Sarah obtained her PhD at the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM) in Italy, and carried out a postdoc position in the department of Veterinary Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Toxicology at the University of Utrecht. She then returned to the UK where she worked at the Department of Health Toxicology Unit, Health Protection Agency, and various consultancies where she provided toxicology and risk assessment advice to Government agencies and various other stakeholders on the potential effects of chemicals on human health.


Sarah is an experienced toxicologist and risk assessor, her key areas of expertise lying in the human health risk assessment of chemicals in environmental media such as water, soil and air; food and feed; chemicals and consumer products. Sarah has expertise in toxicological modelling including Benchmark Dose (BMD) modelling and Quantitative Structure Analysis Relationship (QSAR) modelling. Sarah also has a wealth of knowledge and experience of the hazard classification of substances and mixtures according to GSH/CLP, registration of chemical under REACH including preparation of REACH dossiers and Chemical Safety Reports, as well as toxicology and risk assessment of chemicals in water and contaminated land and derivation of water and soil guideline values. She also has extensive experience in carrying out systematic literature reviews.


Sarah currently serves on the Royal Society of Chemistry Toxicology Committee, is on the SCHEER working group for rapid risk assessments and participates in international projects and workshops on human health risk assessment and toxicology.


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