Michael Hackett

Ecotoxicology & Environmental Risk Assessment

Michael is an ecotoxicologist and risk assessor working mainly on risk assessments for non-target organisms, involving higher tier approaches, and preparation of regulatory dossiers. Since joining CEA, Michael has had involvement in a broad range of projects, including, the design of a field monitoring programme to assess bioaccumulation and biomagnification in aquatic and terrestrial food-chains, product specific assessment of risk assessment refinement options relating to updated EFSA (2013) bee guidance, and a review of EU regulatory acceptability of non-standard aquatic macrophyte testing options. Michael has also conducted a broad range of bird and mammal higher tier risk assessments for spray and seed treatment products.

Michael holds a BSc in Ecology and an MSc in Ecological Assessment (University College Cork, Ireland) with focus on both aquatic and terrestrial ecology throughout. Prior to joining CEA in 2012, Michael worked as an ecologist within the planning and development regulatory environment.

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