Mercedes Franey-Gardiner

Environmental Modelling & Risk Assessment

Mercedes has a BSc in Ecology and Environmental Management and a PhD in pesticide fate.

She joined CEA as part of the field fate sector in 2006 undertaking GLP and non-GLP field scale pesticide and veterinary medicine studies. In 2008, she moved to the environmental modelling and risk assessment sector, where she works primarily on EU and member state risk assessment modelling for dossier submissions under 91/414/EEC and 1107/2009/EC.

Her main areas of expertise are with the standard FOCUS models. More recently, she has been involved in the broader remit of environmental fate through work on Core and National Addenda draft Regulatory Reports (Section 5) for the EU submissions process.

 +44(0)1623 848 347  +44(0)7786 855 723