Marie Brown


Marie joined CEA in 2015 as an Aquatic Ecotoxicologist, specialising in designing and conducting novel higher tier aquatic toxicity studies to answer specific regulatory questions.

Marie has acted as Study Director for large outdoor mesocosm studies, higher tier indoor microcosm community studies, single species studies with non-standard taxa and modified exposure studies.

Marie has also acted as a Principal Investigator for the taxonomy and statistical phase of an indoor microcosm study. She has worked on multiple outdoor aquatic mesocosm studies with both insecticides and herbicides.

Marie is proficient in biological sampling techniques for mesocosm studies and in the identification of freshwater aquatic invertebrates, zooplankton and phytoplankton. Additionally she has experience of statistically analysing ecotoxicology data, including the calculation of Minimum Detectable Difference (MDD) values and Effect Concentration (ECx) values.

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