Liam Suttey

Environmental Fate and Behaviour

Liam joined CEA in January 2020 as a member of the Field Fate team. Liam holds a BSc in Biology from the University of Lincoln, and is currently undertaking a MSc by Research in Evolution and Ecology (Microbiology), being due to graduate from the University of Lincoln in Autumn 2020. Liam’s undergraduate research project focused on the effect cell length has on the efficiency of swimming soil bacteria.

His MSc is focused on motility and chemotaxis of soil bacteria to gain a better understanding of how bacterial cells actively diffuse through their environment in the search for nutrients, which substances (amino acids, vitamins, sugars) a species responds to and what response resulted.

As part of the Environmental Fate and Behavior team, Liam performs higher tier studies in a range of areas including run-off, drainage, groundwater, and spray drift studies.


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