Kevin Brown

CEA Associate

Kevin is an associate of CEA having previously worked as a Senior Managing Scientist at a major regulatory consultancy and now operating as a subcontractor. Kevin has an international reputation as an ecotoxicologist and has been involved in the development of many of the current European regulatory requirements. He has over 30 years experience in the research on the environmental impact of plant protection products.

Kevin specialises in terrestrial ecotoxicology and risk assessment. He spent 18 years managing a contract research facility specialising in the environmental effects of agrochemicals, and was responsible for the design, conduct, and interpretation of higher tier studies with soil fauna, aquatic mesocosms, honey bees, non-target arthropods, and radio-tracking studies with birds and mammals.

In 1989, Kevin was a founder member of the Beneficial Arthropod Testing Group (BART), made up of industry and key contractors to rationalise regulatory testing of non-target arthropods. In the 1990’s Kevin was an active member of the working groups that developed and ring-tested methodology for many of the species currently used in pesticide testing.

Kevin was a member of the organising committee of the ESCORT 1 workshop on regulatory testing of pesticides and prepared the Hazard Quotient database that formed the basis of the ESCORT 2 workshop in Wageningen (2000). Current European regulatory requirements, with respect to non-target arthropods, are based on the output from this workshop. Dr. Brown was the rapporteur at the ESCORT 3 workshop in 2010.

Kevin’s LinkedIn page can be found here.