Greg Hughes

Spatial/Environmental Modelling & Risk Assessment

Greg is an environmental modeller with more than fifteen years experience in the modelling and management of natural resources.

His background is in hydrological and environmental modelling, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), spatial data analysis and statistics with a specialism in spatially distributed landscape and catchment scale simulation model development/application and scientific application development.

He leads the definition, development and implementation of higher-tier spatial/probabilistic scenarios and catchment based simulation modelling frameworks which are employed for assessing the implications of field operations/mitigations and integrated catchment management on water quality, regulatory chemical environmental risk assessments and risk communication.

These are employed for policy analysis/implementation in support of government clients and for commercial clients seeking to ensure the environmental safety of their chemical products or assess/manage the risks to their water assets/supply chain as well as reduce their water treatment costs/carbon footprint and increase their sustainability.

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