David Brown

Environmental Fate and Behaviour

David joined CEA at the beginning of 2022 as a chemical fate and behaviour specialist and has over 20 years of scientific research experience. He has previously worked for an international oil company on a range of contaminated land projects requiring detailed understanding of chemical risk assessment. He supported a number of high-profile projects including work with the IUCN Niger Delta Panel to develop science-based recommendations for the remediation and rehabilitation of biodiversity and habitats of oil spill sites in the Niger Delta.

Much of his experience is laboratory based, where he has worked on developing non-routine environmental testing methods. This experience has given him an extensive knowledge of environmental fate tests used to inform regulatory risk assessments of chemicals and an excellent understanding of a broad range of analytical tools and techniques used in the analysis of organic and inorganic molecules.

David has worked in consultancy since 2019 as a chemical risk assessor helping clients with compliance of national and international chemical regulatory frameworks such as REACH. As a provider of expert knowledge on chemical biodegradation and persistence, much of his work focuses on providing solutions for complex technical and regulatory challenges related to the environmental fate of chemicals in the environment. This includes delivering advocacy strategies to support regulatory outcomes based on sound science and providing specialist advice on designing, monitoring and interpreting bespoke environmental fate studies.

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