Abdul Abu

Environmental Modelling & Risk Assessment

Abdul has over 20 years’ experience in chemical exposure modelling and environmental risk assessment gained within academia, research institutions and the consultancy industry.

With a background in agricultural science and ecotoxicology, including a PhD in contaminant fate and transport modelling in soil, groundwater and surface water-sediment systems, his breadth of technical expertise includes: extensive experience in the development and application of multi-media environmental models for the assessment of pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbons, metals, biocides and veterinary medicines; mechanistic exposure and effects modelling and ecological impact analysis; higher tier and bespoke risk assessment solutions including kinetic analyses and aging, spatially-distributed modelling, statistical techniques and probabilistic risk assessment.

Over the years, he has applied these skills for the delivery of projects for the chemical industry, regulatory authorities/government organisations, the energy industry and commercial clients. He also has wide experience in regulatory advocacy and has recently been involved in projects for the development of guidance and regulatory policy initiatives at the EU-level.

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