News Alert for ECHA’s R4BP 3 and SPC Editor

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News Alert for ECHA’s R4BP 3 and SPC Editor

ECHA’s R4BP 3 tool, the ‘Register for Biocidal Products’ is used to make all applications concerning the BPR and the SPC Editor is used to create the ‘Summary of the Product Characteristics’ which is needed in support of authorisations of biocidal products.

The latest version of R4BP 3 includes:

  • Improved search filters with automatically saved results

  • The option to save draft applications

  • Improved application wizards and more informative error messages

  • A warning message alerting a user not to make an application for mutual recognition if that product has already been authorised in the same market area

  • New case types for Union authorisations in Switzerland and EEA countries

  • An email notification system for Member State Competent Authorities.

The SPC Editor tool update will now allow for more clarity and detail when comparing SPCs, including for biocidal product families.

Also to note - by the end of 2018, look out for the dissemination of SPCs and (non-confidential) assessment reports, on the ECHA website, for BPR authorised biocidal products.

If you have any queries about making the most of the new functionalities or any other biocides related matter, please feel free to contact Philippa O’Donovan at



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