Challenges in PT18 Biocide Risk Assessments

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Challenges in PT18 Biocide Risk Assessments


At this year’s Fresenius conference on Environmental Risk Assessment of Biocides, Fabienne Ericher presented on challenges in PT18 biocide risk assessments, specifically the integration of manure degradation into the risk assessment, on the range of information available on manure management practices and how they could serve in refining the default assumptions from the Emission Scenario Document (ESD?), in higher-tier scenarios.

Measures employed by farmers across the EU, aimed at reducing the risk of antibiotic resistance and improving the quality of their manure also result in longer storage duration and more opportunity for dissipation of biocide residues. In addition, land application restrictions in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones which include many whole Member States and large tracts of others are also expected to reduce exposure of such residues to water bodies, while measures related to crop rotation would alleviate the risk of accumulation from successive years.

Although a large amount of information is available on agricultural practices, a challenge remains in generating more representative scenarios given the variability and quality of these data across the EU. 

The presentation given at Fresenius can be downloaded here.

At SETAC Brussels, on the 9th of May, Claire McMillan will be presenting a poster on “Geographical Scenarios to Assess Environmental Risk of Veterinary Medicines in Europe”, where a zonal approach to manure management and veterinary medicine environmental risk assessment, also relevant to Biocidal products, will be discussed. Fabienne Ericher will also attend the event to present on marine exposure modelling on the 9th of May. If you want to know more, you can visit us at our posters or at Booth 11 during the event, or otherwise contact us by e-mail ( and 

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