CEA has specialists in toxicology who can support biocide dossier submissions and provide supporting evidence and documentations at all levels of submission, in both hazard and exposure assessment. This includes:

  • Data collation, evaluation and interpretation of tests
  • Assessment of endocrine disruptor properties
  • Data gap analysis
  • Derivation of Acceptable Exposure Levels (AELs) and other reference doses
  • Human Risk Assessment
  • Structure Property/Activity Relationships
  • Calculation of PNECs from the study endpoints and assignment of assessment factors.
  • Data provision advice on strategies to minimise/avoid testing
  • Advice on complex study designs and programmes
  • Management of timely and value-conscious testing programmes
  • Preparation of Chemical Safety Assessments
  • Toxicology product stewardship
  • Advice on Reduction, Refinement and Replacement approaches to animal use
  • Representation to and liaison with competent authorities, agencies and regulators, including rebuttals

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