Theresa Neely


Theresa joined CEA in 2019 as Lead Toxicologist. She started her career in contract research as a reproductive and developmental toxicology study supervisor, evaluating the safety of pharmaceuticals and agrichemicals, progressing to become a study director/team leader. After 5 years on this role, she then worked as a toxicologist for a multinational consumer goods company for 27 years. More recently she has worked for a retail pharmaceutical group as a senior toxicologist, focusing on the safety assessment of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients. Theresa has skills in the areas of product risk assessment of both chemicals and consumer products (household care, cosmetics, foods, beverages). She also has significant experience in consumer exposure estimation and modelling as well as alternative approaches to hazard assessment (eg read-across, QSAR, history of safe use). Within her previous roles, she led several large projects for the safety assessment and global notification of new chemicals, preparing dossiers and liaising with regulatory authorities. She also led projects to deliver the consumer, environmental, and manufacturing safety for products as an end to end process (ie from innovation through to post market surveillance). A significant part of this role was working with Industry Associations, key opinion formers and regulators to advocate risk based safety assessment approaches for both chemicals and finished products.

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