Amy Brooks

Ecotoxicology & Environmental Risk Assessment

Amy is a regulatory ecotoxicologist with more than ten years’ experience in environmental risk assessment. As Head of the Regulatory Risk Assessment team, Amy provides technical, strategic and regulatory leadership to risk assessment and ecotoxicology functions across CEA. Prior to joining CEA in 2014, she worked as a senior ecotoxicology consultant at a multi-national consultancy, providing ecotoxicology support for pesticide submissions at the national and European level. Before entering the private sector, Amy worked at the Chemicals Regulation Directorate (part of HSE, the UK regulatory authority), evaluating pesticide and biocide dossiers for both active substances and formulated products. Amy holds a PhD in aquatic ecotoxicology and MBiolSci in zoology, both from the University of Sheffield. Amy is experienced in providing technical and strategic advice to clients facing complex, challenging environmental risk assessment issues. Past projects have included developing novel higher tier approaches for various aquatic and terrestrial wildlife groups; conducting extensive literature reviews; designing, monitoring and interpreting laboratory and field studies; and critically reviewing, evaluating and presenting existing information. Amy is a regular contributor at scientific conferences and has authored several journal articles, with copies of Amy’s presentations and posters being available in the CEA library. In May 2018, Amy became a SETAC Europe Certified Risk Assessor (CRA).

+44(0)7720 497140