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Cambridge Environmental Assessments (CEA) are part of ADAS UK Ltd., the UK's largest environment and agricultural consultancy. CEA are specialists in regulatory environmental risk assessments for chemicals, toxicology and REACH compliance, providing strategic support for product registrations across Europe.

In the pesticidal products area, CEA undertakes data evaluation, the preparation of risk assessments and regulatory documentation (dossier segments), including project management and co-ordination of work packages. In addition, CEA offer bespoke higher tier aquatic (mesocosms and laboratory studies) and higher tier environmental fate studies, according to GLP.

Our chemical regulatory compliance team supports our clients to ensure they are compliant with all EU Chemical Regulations including REACH, CLP/GHS, the Seveso Directive (COMAH) and food additives.

The compliance team also provides support in toxicology, ecotoxicology, exposure assessments, chemical safety reports, dossier preparation, substance identity confirmation and preparation of Safety Data Sheets. We also have extensive experience of non-standard toxicology and ecotoxicology studies, and modelling of substances in the environment.